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How much money is your peace worth? 💱

3things crypto forgiveness jordan myska allen money personal growth relatefulness Apr 13, 2023


Let’s say you lost $10,000 in a seemingly unfair way. If you lose your peace, you know how much your peace is worth—less than $10,000. There’s no judgment here, nor spiritual bypass. There’s an invitation into awareness. If you don’t like that you lose your peace over a some amount of money lost or overcharged, then you know exactly where you’ve got work to do. Of course you might still act to remedy whatever went awry, but you do it from a peaceful place.

This frame was tested last November when FTX took a good chunk of the centralized crypto institutions with it into bankruptcy. A bunch of people lost money, yours truly included. I don’t know what my peace is worth these days, but I know it’s worth more than all I lost.

You can generalize this frame to any way you fall short of your ideals. Wherever you lose your cool shows you where your espoused values are out of sync with your lived values. It can be confronting, humbling, but without this awareness you have no hope of change. So let us face our failures! Let us all embrace our shortcomings as the first step to learning how to do something different!


With love, Jordan


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