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Individuals are Causes and Effects of Relationships πŸ”—

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Feb 09, 2023


We’re not just the causes of relationships, we’re also the effects of relationships—infinite relationships reaching all the way “back” to the big bang and beyond, all the way “forward” to infinity(?), all the way “in” to the empty nature of being-awareness and all the way “out” to every “thing” (with something like less impact the further you move). All of the prepositions and separate objects have to be in quotes (“) because the collective contains all of “them” (time, awareness, objects) and from that view they’re simply hues of the whole (rather than separatenesses positioned relative to you-the-part).

Most of us on this email have internalized the individual-comes-before-relating view. We don’t even notice its bias in our actions.


With love, Jordan


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