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Infant parallels: head bumps and baby steps 🐛

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Apr 04, 2024


My daughter is learning how to crawl. Her excitement outpaces her capacity, so she’s bonging her head more than ever before, sometimes twice in a row!

Many of us get into developmental practices to move away from what we don’t like and towards what we do, only to find we too are bonging our heads more than ever. Trying to set boundaries we break them and hurt someone else. Trying to be present we ignore something obvious and hurt ourselves. Trying to be socially adept, we get more awkward. Did we make a mistake embarking on a growth journey? Our lives are tolerable as they are… should we stay scooching, rather than learning to crawl? I hear there’s a thing called walking. Is walking even possible for me?

I’ve never met a baby that didn’t learn to walk (who was born with the physical capacity to do so), no matter how hard the falls. Perhaps our souls (whatever that means) are similarly destined for the freedom and communion we sense is possible. I’ve also never met a baby whose motivation wasn’t intrinsic. So perhaps there’s nothing more you have to do.


With love, Jordan


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