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Let’s Buy The Whole Rainforest, and Do Nothing With It 🥦

3things ecology ethics jordan myska allen relatefulness stayinlove Apr 06, 2023


In a recent meditation I had a dream/fantasy about buying the Amazon rainforest from the various South American governments and making a gigantic International Park. Mostly my vision is that we’d do nothing with it. I suppose it’s a little counterintuitive to muster so many dollars (a trillion?), but it says something about how much I value non-doing.

Who’s the “we” here? How much would it take? How hard would it be to protect? Could you tie it to carbon credits, like Gabon is attempting to do with their rainforest? Flooding the countries with cash in a way that was actually beneficial would be its own complex problem to solve, but I think we can manage. I also like visions that expand our ethical scope far beyond our normal timeframes and beneficiary considerations. Eg: Who benefits from what we create? What are the effects of our actions in a hundred years, a thousand years, a billion years?

Consider this an invitation to dream big. Also, consider this the first seed planted. Let’s see what grows.


With love, Jordan


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