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Meta-container 🗃️

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Mar 21, 2024


This welcoming of experience doesn’t come naturally to most; fortunately we can practice. Historically I think this is something Circling™ culture got a little wrong—in an effort to not become bypassers, we overemphasized the negative/avoided/shadow experiences, rather than the meta-container of what allows us to even look at those experiences, so our average was less than ideal. Despite talking about it, we habitually didn’t reference awareness of awareness in people’s present moment experiences.

Hopefully we’re evolving, and relatefulness will continually include more emptiness. Until we have a balance/interpenetration of emptiness and form, awareness and objects awared. We can always add new data of honest, authentic good experiences by pointing to the holding container of awareness, safety, consideration, autonomy, etc, that allow us to feel whatever is happening, good or bad.


With love, Jordan


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