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Microtransformation: Delight in feeling good 🛁

3things jordan myska allen micro-transformations personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Mar 14, 2024


Titrate letting in love. Right now you can notice any stillness or peace or comfort or safety or subtle appreciation in you. If you got nothing, gratitude is easy for many.

Whenever you find something—even the smallest good—stop, breathe, say yes. Sink into it like a warm bath. Describe it with words. Whatever words you have will do just fine. Maybe it’s nothing other than feeling “good”. Good. Now… what does feeling “good” feel like? What kind of good? No need to be cosmic, no need to reach for what’s not here. Just the particulars. As they occur to you. Muscles relaxed. Space. Quiet appreciation. Pleasant tingle. Full belly.

Learn from how others describe. See where it’s cloying-aka inauthentic. See where you go into your mind, only describing and not feeling. That’s your limit. Gently breathe into it. No need to push.

Communities can do this too. We sink into positive emotions together most often through celebration. Weddings! Barbecues! Birthday parties! Notice the temptation to chug, and see if you can savor it like a good wine instead. There’s always a temptation for growth oriented communities to get caught up in developmental materialism, always chasing the next stage, or the higher state. Opening the aperture of our awareness to be more present with our emotional experience is a great gift of relatefulness. Let’s not systematically exclude feeling good.


With love, Jordan


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