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Noticing The Narrative Voice 😂

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Mar 30, 2023


Do you have this internal ‘voice’ in your head that narrates stuff? That makes plans, and uses language despite that fact that you don't need the language since you're already 100% privy to whatever the voice knows? In me it’s similar to the voice that “reads aloud” internally when I’m writing this right now. I noticed in a meditation experience recently how incessant this voice was in my head. I was thinking at the voice, “dude, it’s just me here and I’m experiencing this fully, there’s no need to describe it” and then I realized that was the voice! After that I found “him” hilariously scrambling to find a new job: Meta-narrating that he was narrating! 😂 Since then I keep noticing how pervasive, and silly, this self-making habit is. I was at the climbing gym and started auto-thinking plans that were totally unnecessary—after the climb, I would have at least as much information as before, but be a lot more clear-headed.

If you do notice something similar in you, you might enjoy pausing the narrative habit and relaxing into a kind of pure perception. Immediate sense data, minimal interpretation. All the language for it feels a little too mystical—it is mystical, but it's simpler than that. The invitation is to set aside thought for a bit and discover what's still here.


With love, Jordan


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