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Oneness with ‘other’ conscious experiencers 🌊

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One way into this oceanic experience of being (oneness/unity/nonduality) is through a recognizing the simultaneity of sense perception and awareness. The pattern can be described as: Notice something that seems separate from ‘you’, notice that the separation is necessarily a construct-choice, and let go of that construct into raw experiencing.

For example if you can hear the hum of an air conditioner now, and drop any habit of making sense of the happening, you may experience the perception of sound and the sound meld together. Your sense of self may melt away, or it may feel like the hum hearing itself as you. Or you may have felt this with taste, where you ‘join’ with a sip of wine, and suddenly the immediacy of being-moment is all there is. The separate thing can be anything, including feelings, visuals, thoughts, distinctions etc.

So what happens when we do this with the idea of a separate subjectivity? eg: You, dear reader. Or someone you're relating with.

Here’s a way I’ve been playing with it: Every time someone says “I”, I imagine they’re speaking as the "I am" that inhabits all of us (eg: The wetness of the ocean and the waves). I identify as "I am" and suddenly they're speaking for me.


WIth love, Jordan


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