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Recommendation: The Boundary Course 📚

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I really appreciated The Boundary Course from Hannah Aline Taylor. I found the distinctions clear, helpful, and unique. Here are three examples of misconceptions she addresses that I think you'll find meaningful:

Boundaries are standards I hold (not protection against harm): 

”Boundaries are the cushy spot a step away from mild inconvenience, not the thin ice separating me from grievous harm.”

Boundaries are intimacy (not distance): 

“Give yourself experiences of concluding an interaction well before you’re overwhelmed by it, while you’re still having fun with it.”

Boundaries are how I want to show up (versus rules for others):

“Assuming full responsibility for my life will keep me facing all the places where I believe my boundaries are the responsibility of someone other than me.”

If you want to check out this course, use the coupon code RELATEFULLY to get it for $33 ($6 off the normal price). Here’s the link. (Thank you Bjarte Hiley for another fantastic recommendation!)


With love, Jordan


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