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Relateful Camp was so good.

3things interconnectedness jordan myska allen personal growth relateful camp relatefulness stayinlove upper-limit May 23, 2024


It was better than even I expected. Better even in the ways I’d hoped—the wholeness, where people were resolving dark patterns and also relaxing, transforming and also resting, coming from nowhere to get, and getting so much. It was connected, peaceful, full, and healthy. Healthy most of all; healthier than any other event I’ve been to, embracing a much fuller range of the human experience, mundane and sublime, simple and complex, superficial and deep, playful and serious. And so much music! We are an insanely talented group!

There were a few moments where I found a (rare-for-me) “upper limit” overwhelm. Reaching my window of tolerance, but from so much simple goodness. One time I was simply walking down a path in the woods, but fully present to the event in its wholeness. Normally people notice overwhelm when their identity doesn’t know how to make sense of the violence, or boundary violation, or uncertainty, of something stressful or "negative" in their experience. “The bottom drops out.”. This was more like “the top flew off”; something so good it questioned the self-and-world I normally hold to be stable.

I wonder if this “upper limit overwhelm” is more common than we realize, particularly in the face of love. Unconditional love undoes our self-concepts, particularly the ones of being not OK, sinful, having to earn worthiness, connection, etc. I’ll be looking out for these, and actively surrendering into more love.


With love, Jordan


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