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Relateful Camp: What if everything really is OK? 🍃

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Apr 18, 2024


What if everything really is OK?

Including all our suffering, and that of the whole world. 

What do we do then?

We go to camp to love, play, learn, grow, heal, evolve, help, serve, swim, eat, dance, relate, make music, focus, and flow. We make friends and surprise ourselves and delight in the utter mystery and joy of the whole thing, including the terror of facing our blindspots, confronting (or not) our fundamental (ly mistaken) belief in being wrong, saying a wholehearted compassionate yes to our doubts about bypassing, our fears and attachments to our privilege or selfishness or the future or the past. And offering as much love as we can to the immensity of suffering we witness around us. Everything is OK, including our movements to love, and serve.

This whole event—in its design, structure, values, and many imperfections—is an invitation into recognizing the wholeness, okayness, and already-trusting of the unfolding of life that shows up as each of us, and our challenges, uniquely. Not that you, or even any one of us, always remembers that we know that we’re resting in the truth of this always, but that even our forgetting is totally fine. It must be, because here it is, eh? 

This whole event is a whole-hearted embrace of the OKness of the manifest realm. From OKness beauty becomes evident.

Said another way, relateful camp is a prayer of praise and gratitude and celebration.

Said another way: We love you. I love you. Relateful Camp is our expression of love. Along with everything else, but let’s place the background truth of love-manifest-as-all to the foreground, and keep it there. We love you, I love you. We love this practice, each other, ourselves and life, including its struggles… when I’m wary of struggles then I think deeply about my children, and the unique beauty that’s forged in the challenges worthy of their intelligence, passion, and development.


With love, Jordan


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