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Reality Choices: Co-enactment of Seer, Seeing, Seen 👁️ 🔎 🧬

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I keep coming back to this idea and finding it profound and fundamental to what we’re all learning, practicing, and enacting here at The Relateful Co. The idea: ‘reality’ isn’t "out there" or "in here", but is an interactive co-arising of the seer (epistemology), the seeing (methodology), and the seen (ontology). What this means is that you always have at least three levers to change your experience in-the-moment: who (seer), how (seeing), and what (seen).

Other ecosystems are already really good at practicing how to change the what (ontic/out there), so we at RelatefulAnywhere focus on bringing more options for you to claim more creative authority on experience in the "who" and "how." Regardless of "what" I'm noticing—what do I physically feel relating to it? What's my gut say? Emotion? Awareness? Social vibe? We? These sense-making methods are reality choices. They literally enact different world-experiences/experience-worlds. We are far more powerful than we realize (me included).

Quick integral analysis: Only ‘out there’? Orange. Only ‘in here’? Green. Map it all (and label the colors 😳)? Teal. Aware of the way our construct-choices (including developmental lenses) divide infinite is-ness in every moment? Turquoise. (Related Article / video on this topic)


With love, Jordan


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