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Self-judgement judges all, self-love loves all πŸ’‘

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Mar 02, 2023


I've been exploring what the world looks like relating from the perspective that we're all one. Our individuality is like a wave on the ocean of interconnected wholeness. This is the heart of the Golden Rule—what you do to others you do to yourself (because we’re all one).

I like what's more visible from this view. For example, self-judgment hurts not just you, but everyone. On the plus side, forgiving your self-judgment benefits all. Loving your self is love for all. This is hard for a lot of us, but luckily loving others loves your self. You can approach love from your self or others—we’re all one so it doesn't matter which 'side' you come from. All loving is loving the whole. Seen this way, judgement doesn't seem very appealing or sustainable. Self-and-other love both feels like a higher ethical imperative and easier to attain. Everyone's well-being is in your self interest.


With love, Jordan


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