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“Talking about Relatefulness” (Article on The Sphere) ⭕

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Mar 09, 2023

Check out the first ever article published about relatefulness (that I know of). Here are some snippets (about relatefulness) you might resonate with:

  • “It's really hard to get outside of your own biases. You need a mirror to see yourself.”
  • “We get to include our egos, in a healthy way.”
  • “What if, instead of prescribed responses, we said whatever was real, while also caring about other people?"
  • “Being able to name stuff and be present to it gives us choice about what to do with that emotion. Without awareness, you don't have any choice.“
  • “The key moment is not the first courageous move of sharing something vulnerable. It's what you do with their response.”
  • “Whatever you've got is generally enough. Even if it’s a feeling of I don't know what to bring.“
  • “My first piece of advice is to be careful about giving advice!” 

I’m grateful to my friend Evan who responded to my November call for help and made this happen, and to team up with a site into helping people be better at building and forming deep relationships.


With love, Jordan


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