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The Coaching Industry 👀

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Jan 25, 2024


There's a lot in the coaching world I used to get frustrated by. Exorbitant prices from people who had no experience. Coaches mostly selling coaching trainings. People making absurdly confident claims, telling others how to be, unintentionally shaming wounding, promoting cycles of suffering in the name of growth, and perpetuating countless false assumptions. Wading into such a swamp seemed like a fool's errand to me.

But then I started to recognize (some of) my projected self-judgements in the above and reclaim the lost wisdom in them. Shadows around money, self-worth, and self-confidence; integral elitism meeting perfectionism to demand the 'highest' and 'best' rather than a great fit for a given moment. I recognized how tiny my filter bubble is. So many people—myself included!—benefit from coaching! So many more can! Facilitators we trained were already facilitating crazy potent transformation in uniquely loving ways—what would happen if we turned that up?

As many of you have experienced in Relateful Flow sessions, things tend to go better when we bring what we want with openness, instead of pouting on the sidelines (as I was doing) or forcing a change (as I wanted to do). As the old saying goes, "the best form of criticism is creation". So we created what we thought (1) coaching needed, and (2) what we thought facilitators needed. How can you embody more challenge, with love? What happens if you really feel directionality arising as surrender, rather than at odds with it? What if we showed the causative nature of identity and how to help people get out of their own way to find deeper self-alignment—taking ideas like Kegan's Immunity to Change and Existential Kink to another level? What if we more explicitly taught awareness of awareness and integral developmental maps as tools? What if we gave everyone dozens of hours of hands-on practice applying this all to each other's greatest challenges?

Many cohorts later the answers to these questions are more remarkable than even I anticipated. As Ernst says, "I can’t remember a time in my life where I’ve been in such a challenging learning environment while being supported and cheered on along the way". We hear this kind of thing over and over about the course. Check it out, book a context call and register by Feb 5. if you're unsure if you're eligible, reach out and we'll sort you to the right program.


With love, Jordan


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