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The Ordinariness of Relatefulness 💬

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Oct 20, 2022


I want to live in a different world from the one we’re in. I want high-quality-relating normalized. If we hold Circling as something extra-special we’ll never get there. Making Circling special is like building an ego-identification as a spiritual seeker while seeking enlightenment. How can you transcend your ego if it's defined by attempting to transcend? Similarly, how are we going to live in a world where inner peace and deep interconnection are the norm, if we hold our practice as separate from the norm?

It seems convenient to present what we do as extra special. To tell everyone that this is the most evolved form of communication, Turquoise+, or that we have the secret recipes, or whatever. Maybe we do. But are we sure we're not saying it is—to feel awesome about dedicating our lives to it, be a salve to insecurities or existential doubts, or feel better than others and attract followers and purchasers of programs? This costs us what we really care about—universal love and truth.

We can be uniquely suited for you, we can have explored presence-in-connection deeper than anyone else, we can share testimonials from people who absolutely loved what they’ve gotten from our practice, all without needing to be special in a way that reifies a false sense of separation.


With love, Jordan


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