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Toddler parallels: The wonder of trucks and lure of banana teethers 🍌

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Oct 19, 2023


My son loves trucks. All kinds are now wellsprings of joy for us both—I’m so excited to see and point out a garbage truck, a red truck, a UPS truck… even when he’s not with me! How many things in your immediate vision are even more awe inspiring than a dump truck?

We’ve got a ton to learn from toddlers, but let’s not do a pre-trans fallacy and assume all things toddler are the epitome of wisdom. Jack saw his baby sister sucking on a banana-shaped plastic teether and was so enamored by her desire for the object—which he had rejected until she wanted it—that he even spoke about it in his dreams. How many things are we dreaming about like banana teethers—things that had value at one time in our history (in this case, teething) but have little relevance to us now? How many of us, like Jack, are upset that we’re not being given that irrelevant object, ignoring all of the other amazing (and more age relevant) toys hanging out unused in our rooms?


With love, Jordan


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