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Why try on feeling stuff you don’t like? 👺

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Feb 16, 2023


No one likes to think they’re corrupt. Being seen this way brings up feelings of shame. So we habitually do whatever we can to not identify with "bad" identities—corrupt, manipulative, greedy, lustful, etc—demonizing those who exhibit these tendencies to keep from getting too close to these feelings ourselves. Despite knowing that we all have animalistic tendencies and we all deceive ourselves from time to time.

But we can't let go of what we won't claim, and we can't say 'no' to something we're unwilling to see. Not knowing what these feel like from the inside makes it really hard to recognize them. They sneak in the back door of our consciousness and hide in the shadows of righteousness. Plus we're more vulnerable to these showing up in others.

A relateful approach invites intimacy with whatever is actually true in a moment—including being present to corruption, envy, or whatever—partially because it helps us develop nuanced awareness that supports healthy boundaries. These boundaries are revealed as a now-truer truth that's here. They allow for more love-truth to flow.


With love, Jordan


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