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“Will it get me laid?”! 🛌

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove May 19, 2023

I’ve been appreciating my friend Pete’s shorthand for testing the groundedness of something, it's abilty to achieve the desired outcome. “Will it get me laid?”. Here’s our text thread:

Jordan: I want to write about “will it get me laid” for my newsletter. Why do I like the phrase so much the way you use it?

Pete: “I like it because it’s visceral and concrete. I want something and I can either make it happen or fail to make it happen and I can’t be confused about whether I won or not. It can be the case that something good and nice happened instead, but a nice conversation is not getting laid and I can’t delude myself into thinking otherwise. 

For me, it also has a similar effect that money has on prediction markets. I am highly motivated to actually get laid, so I’m not going to abide bullshit—something either gets me laid or not, and I’m not going to fuck around with shit that doesn’t work because I actually care on a gut level”.

Spiritual seekers often get lost in abstractions, meta-reflections, ideologies and self-absorptions. This is an embodied antidote. I’d wager that if you’re asking the question “will it get me laid”, you’re less likely to confuse being an asshole with being authentic.


With love, Jordan


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