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Seeing Yourself as a Unique Expression of Universal Energies 💦

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Sep 01, 2022


I’ve written before about shadows of various self concepts ("parts", "purpose-driven"). So what’s a good alternative? Here’s one that came up recently in conversation:

Consider an underground river. One universal river springs out in unique locations. Analogously, what if ‘your anger’ (or any emotion) is the one river of anger springing forth at the unique location of you? Becoming aware of this you can recognize the already-connectedness of all other ‘springs’ of anger, without merging into them. Each well is distinct, although they serve up the same water. Similarly ‘you’ are distinct, but express a universal energy. I think this is similar to the ancient Greek concept of Muse-inspired creativity. Look for this in a Relateful session, and you may be surprised to see patterns in what previously looked like chaos.

In seeing this interconnection you find compassion for yourself and others. You find there’s not a static, lonely self to reinforce through rumination. In fact, there’s not a ‘thing’ at all. ‘You’ are negative space, uniquely outpouring something universal. All of us are.


With love, Jordan


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