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Micro-Meditation: Knowingness 😌

3things jordan myska allen micro-transformations personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Jan 19, 2023


If you notice your body, there’s a sense that it’s already “known” before you label it. If you notice your thoughts and distinctions, there’s the same knowingness. If you are confused, you may notice that even this state of being confused is “known” without a doubt. Same with anything you can notice, inside or outside of what you call you. The experience of this “knowingness” is so familiar that most people never think to pay attention to it, so we don’t have a common set of words to point to it. I've been loving paying attention to it!

Something really cool happens when I start to be aware of this everyday quality of existence. The awareness is also pre-"known". You don’t have to do anything. Rest happens. Knowingness is, always, with any and all experience. In this sense, life-as-being always says yes to what’s happening. It is unconditionally yes-ing everything. Its yes includes saying “yes” to “no”, “yes” to boundaries, “yes” to limits. As far as I can tell, this is not an aspiration, it’s a description of what it’s like to be Being, that you can check against your own experience of knowingness, happening now. (This is another thing we cover in the new course). My words may not fit. If you look at how you are aware of anything at all right now, what's your sense?


With love, Jordan


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