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Nothing is superficial 🎨

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Feb 15, 2024


Nothing is superficial. I’ve seen people have profound insights as a result of allowing themselves to talk about their struggles with fashion, argue about the location of a table, or whether or not it’s OK to be a few minutes late. Everything is a doorway, or at least it can be—if we let it.

Perhaps saying "nothing is superficial" focuses too much on the objects themselves, as if they have a pre-determined nature of superficiality or depth (rather than canvases for our projections). If "reality” is instead a co-enactment with the perceiver’s choice of perceiving, then projection makes perception. If you project depth, you’ll find it.

Then again maybe this doesn’t do enough to step outside a frame where “depth” and “superficiality” are meaningful distinctions. Beauty is everywhere. Have you tried really experiencing the edge of a table in all of its miraculous sensation? Being is miraculous, full stop.


With love, Jordan


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