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Relateful Camp, a finger pointing to the moon 🌕

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Apr 04, 2024


There's a spiritual saying that the finger that points to the moon is not the moon. In other words, don't mistake the practice for the goal it's supposed to give you. The more intense version goes something like "Kill the Buddha you see on the road".

Let's not be too self-important. Relatefulness is a great pointer to living well. The point though, is to live well. It's not the moon. We've got to take what we learn and live, with character.

I believe the awareness, intentions, and people of Relateful Camp will do this. We'll bring all the beauty of present moment relating to celebrating life. Including all the weirdness and confusion and pain and sorrow of being human, including the undeniable truth of all of our joy and wonder and our capacity to share it.

Relateful Camp is less than three weeks away. Come if you're called to it. We'll love having you with us. Here's are the sessions, in depth, searchable, with ~10 more likely coming soon. I believe you'll get a grounded sense of a love that includes the whole developmental spectrum.


With love, Jordan


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