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Remembering wholeness as claiming experience 🔑

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Jun 08, 2023


We normally think about owning/claiming our experience as taking more responsibility (putting less blame on others). I’m playing with framing this as recognizing wholeness. When I’m upset I’ve momentarily lost touch with wholeness. Then I blame someone else for my forgetfulness, and I often feel justified! If I hadn’t forgotten, I wouldn’t be upset, and I’d respond in a way that’s loving to myself and others.

Luckily, forgetting wholeness is like when I can’t find my keys anywhere because they’re in my pocket—never really gone. And every upsetness can be repurposed as a reminder to remember.

This doesn’t mean I tolerate things I don’t like, it means I have the chance to respond from love instead of upset. With wholeness, I accept things and people as they are. If I need something different, I take care of it. For example, imagine I’m upset because someone is unkind. Knowing my wholeness, I’ll be able to walk away, empathize, or set whatever boundary I need without any charge.


With love, Jordan


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