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Training Your Intuition πŸͺ„

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness stayinlove Feb 09, 2023


Relatefulness is really good for training intuition because you can get nearly instant feedback on the accuracy of your intuitions. You can then differentiate subtle nuances in the feel of those that “land” and those that “don’t”, getting better at knowing what weird stuff to trust inside of you, and what not to. There’s a spirit of acceptance so it doesn’t feel as risky to make mistakes to learn. 

You can be a better driver without understanding engines. Similarly you can hone your instincts without knowing why it works. The relateful practice is agnostic about what you call intuition, whether “psychic” or “machine learning algorithms”. We don’t have to call it anything to expand our capacities together. Instead we have to be willing to share something we don’t yet understand, hold our interpretations lightly, be willing to listen and willing update to feedback.


With love, Jordan


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