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Using non-health as a psychological mirror w/o needing it to be true 🤳🏼

3things jordan myska allen personal growth relatefulness sociosomnia stayinlove May 18, 2023

a relateful approach to health, we can use any sort of non-health as a mirror to grow psycho-spiritually. Using it as a mirror doesn’t need to make any ontological claims—we get the power of meaning without needing to blame ourselves for having ‘created’ our illness. Illness in the broadest sense—the same concept applies to maladies of body, mind, and soul. Eg: Fever, chronic, depressed, blamey, self-critical, unpeaceful, community or family problems, etc.

In other words, if I’m sick I can use the sickness as a rorschach to see what I’m projecting. I gain empowerment regardless of whether I ‘heal’ the ‘sickness’ on the level of form, because I use the ‘sickness’ to reclaim some projection I hadn’t yet been able to see. It’s sociosomnia; it’s exactly like interpreting a dream; it doesn’t matter whether the author of the content of your life—be it Kevin Feige, your subconscious, or microbes—intended this interpretation, because it’s now in your able hands and you get to interpret it however freely you’re able.

This opens the door to mirror-work being fun. Shout out to my parents for actually making self-inquiry fun when my sister and I were growing up, and knowing not to ask while we were throwing up.

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