An 8-Week Closed Group Series

Welcoming the Sexual Realm

Practice Integrating Your Sexual Self into Your Ways of Being 


How do we cultivate loving friendship with our desires? How do we acknowledge our sexual energy while staying present in connection with others? How do we build reverence for our longings and listen to their wisdom? How do we move beyond habits of shame and repression of our sexual selves? 


This closed group will utilize the Relateful practices of Fundamentals, Focus, and Flow to explore our unique paths in these questions. We'll be on this journey together, the same small group of people, for 8 weeks, seeing the mirror of ourselves in others and discovering new ways to see and hold ourselves.



  • 2-hour sessions, once a week for 8 consecutive weeks, online
  • Saturdays 11am-1pm CT, June 10 to July 29
  • Facilitated by Annabeth Novitzki
  • Closed group- be with the same people for the whole series, capped at 8 attendees
  • Price: $495
  • Anyone who has held a non-Freemium membership for at least two months can email [email protected] to receive a 30% discount code!!

Finally, the opportunity you've been looking for.


We all have unique reasons why we choose not to share our sexual desires, including various underlying fears and concerns that contribute to hesitation. This can include:


  • Wanting your actions to be in alignment with your ethics, and wanting to take accurate consideration for the experience of who you’re sharing yourself with.
  • Fear of being judged or rejected after sharing your authenticity.
  • Reluctance to feel shame or embarrassment.
  • Concerns about being misunderstood or not sharing yourself clearly, leading to potential frustration and disappointment.
  • Worry about jeopardizing the stability or dynamics of your relationship with the people you’re sharing with, fearing a negative reaction or discomfort.
  • Self-judgment of your own desires, leading to rejecting yourself before anyone else has a chance to see who you really are.
  • Fear of a lack of open-mindedness or empathy from others, resulting in keeping yourself hidden.



In this series, we intend to foster an atmosphere that allows us to truly welcome the sexual realm by:


  • Promoting trust and integrity by keeping confidentiality.
  • Deepening exploration by clarifying boundaries: All participants will keep clothes on during sessions, not engage in any physical sexual acts during sessions, and not request any sexual acts with other participants during the series.
  • Practice the core elements of Relatefulness, including being with what is present without attempting to fix or change anything, listening deeply and welcoming genuine curiosity, taking opportunities to clarify what’s being communicated before coming to conclusions, and allowing what happens to update your understanding of reality here and now.
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Explore Together

You've been trying to navigate this alone long enough. Step into the option of being on this journey together, seeing that you're not the only one, giving and receiving support.

Be Seen

Eventually, trying to hide just isn't working anymore. Dare to share yourself and bring your true self into the light. Find out what happens when you're seen as who you truly are.

Let Walls Down

Discover healthier boundaries that allow you to actually bring yourself. Upgrade your armor to be versatile, something suited to the life you want moving forward.

Be With Joy

Move toward the light of your true bliss, giving play and happiness the opportunities to nourish you sustainably. Step into a yes that includes all of who you are.

Real Connection

Practice with real people in real time. Have the chance to see the impact on others and let that help you update and try new ways of sharing yourself.

Shine From Within

What if you're already wonderful exactly as you are? Let your true self emerge and feel yourself reconnect with and trust your genuine power.

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From the Facilitator:

"I believe that Eros energy can be as beautiful and healing as it can be painful and destructive. It is deeply meaningful to me to participate in bringing this amazing power source into the light in its healthy expressions.

Welcoming the Sexual Realm has been a long time in the making. Folks have been requesting this from me for years, and I think that this closed-group series is the ideal context for it. I'm honored to offer this series, and I'm grateful to everyone who even contemplates participating."

          - Annabeth Novitzki