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Trusting Space 🧑‍🚀

3things holding space jordan myska allen relatefulness stayinlove surrender trusting space Nov 02, 2023


I’ve spoken before about how unexamined assumptions on “holding space” often lead to isolation, and how including yourself with openness is more authentic and loving. Here’s a space-relating reframe on what we’re doing with relatefulness, even in focus sessions: Trusting space

We’re moving beyond trying to control or shape the emotional landscape of others (having them feel held, for example), trusting that what emerges organically from the group's collective presence and interactive humanity is wiser than any single individual's intervention, given that individuals remember their agendas and are categorically contributing to the collective unfolding (withheld or shared).


(continued in part 2 "self-fulfilling nature of trust" and part 3, "what is space?")

With love, Jordan


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