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Self-fulfilling nature of trust taps into the inherent potential group intelligence 🌤️

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(part 1, trusting space)

This realization isn't just about stepping back from overt control and moving beyond “one or the other” (attention is on you or it’s on me); it's a fundamental shift towards a deeper appreciation of the group's innate intelligence. This involves believing that when we believe that space is inherently supportive, we show up differently and make meaning in such a way that our trust in space becomes self-fulfilling.

Disagreements are then seen as bridges for connection, boundaries are places of intimacy to get to know as we honor them, conflict can be creative, even so-called ‘distraction’ is a relevant data point guiding us to become more aware of the wholeness of what’s happening. We’re free to choose to resolve or explore discomfort, unsafety, confusion, emptiness, etc, rather than being stuck in needing to do something about it, or having to surrender to what’s here.

This is our orientation in flow sessions, where we explicitly recognize that meaning-making has always been a shared, dynamic process that fully includes uniqueness, and we discover connections and insight that might have remained undiscovered in a more controlled or individually-oriented environment. It’s also already the way many people see “the marketplace” and “the economy” as the intelligence of a self-organizing system. But it’s just as applicable to running a meeting, parenting, or going on a walk with friends.


(continued in part 3, what is space?)


With love, Jordan


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