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What is space? ⚛️

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(part 1, trusting space)
(part 2, ) 

Trusting space” begs the question: What is space? What are we trusting? Why is it the case that “space”, when approached with respect and openness, possesses an innate capacity to support and facilitate meaningful interaction and growth? I believe what’s happening goes beyond the dynamics of a self-reinforcing feedback loop where our faith in the group's collective intelligence shapes our interactions.

Instead, I think we’re referring to awareness, which is phenomenologically inseparable from the totality of all experience. None of us can perceive anything outside of awareness. We can’t even conceive of such a thing, since as soon as we come up with a non-awareness concept, the pointing happens inside of our experience, which we’re aware of/are. From this perspective it becomes obvious why we don’t need to hold space (aka awareness); space permeates everything; every possible occurrence is already held in and holding itself.

So why is this supportive? If you’re buying that awareness pervades everything (in a way that’s both inside/outside not both/not neither), as the ground of all experience, it holds everything unconditionally, without bias or resistance. Aligning with this we become wholly non-judgmental and approximate unconditional love. From here though, why do we grow? I think it’s because the nature of being is not only transformational in a denotative sense—advancing into novelty—but that it’s moving toward more goodness. The more we align with the unconditional yes that already is the all-encompassing, all-pervading fabric of being, the easier it is for nature’s movement toward goodness to show itself. Essentially, our constructive separations get out of the way, and nature can become what it was meant to be, through us.


With love, Jordan


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